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Mid Kansas Live All Performance - OF Division

Sorry I've been dragging my feet on getting this show report finished.  Maybe the separate posts don't actually help me get them done in a timely manner.  But oh well, such is life.

Continuing on from Part 2 of my show report...

OF Performance ran concurrently with CM/AR Performance, however the class order was different so that if you were using the same tack for your OFs as for your CMs/ARs, there wouldn't be conflicts.  While CM/AR Performance order went English, Other, and lastly Western, OF Performance order went Other, Western, and then English last.

I was only showing one horse per division at this show, and my OF horse was Arrietty - a FCM Stone "English Pleasure" Palouse Design-A-Horse.

The Other Performance Division is one I'm only just starting to show in more.  I don't have much in the way of costumes and haven't been brave enough to give harness a try yet.  So, my first OF Other Performance class of the day was Native American Costume.  I was showing with a new costume I had purchased right before the show - it wasn't as historically accurate or elaborate as the competition, nor did I have a doll, but I documented it as a costume from a modern day show where costumes don't have to be 100% historically accurate.  My documentation earned Arrietty a blue ribbon even against some very gorgeous, intricately detailed costumes belonging to my competition.

Arrietty in the OF Native American Costume class

Our next class was Sidesaddle, another new class for me with a new piece of tack.  I used Arrietty's regular English bridle despite it being brown rather than black like the saddle, and we still managed a first place.
Admittedly not my most polished entry, but it was good enough to beat the competition.

Next up was Showmanship.  My entry was the only one with documentation, and Arrietty trotted away with another blue ribbon.
Arrietty with a "Hunter In Hand" entry - we've done well with this set up before, and this time was no different.

Our last Other Performance Division entry was for "Other Other Performance".  I tried another freestyle agility entry but was bested by some more elaborate set ups.  My agility entries can really be hit-or-miss depending on what else is in the class and the judge's preference for tackless entries.
I really wasn't too upset with a third place - the first and second place entries in this class were awesome!

Arrietty won enough ribbons to earn the Other Performance Championship!
Arrietty - OF Other Performance Champion

Next up was the OF Western Division.  So far, the day was going at a pretty good pace for me.  Arrietty wasn't competing in every single class in her first two divisions, and in the CM/AR division, All Glory was doing Other Performance and only had a few classes.

Western started off with Indoor Trail.  This was a pretty large class for this show, with eleven entries on the table.  Arrietty won first place though!
Arrietty won first place in Western Trail - Indoor

As much as I love showing Arrietty in as many classes as I can, she's not quite the perfect do-it-all Western horse, and my Western tack that she competes with isn't either.  Arrietty managed to bounce back and forth from first and second places in her classes, mostly with our main rival competitor (Ruth and her Stone ISH "Night Fury"), and sat out a few (such as Roping and Reining).

Arrietty won second place despite not being the best stockwork horse.

Another second place with this Team Penning entry.

Arrietty sat out the Games - Barrels class but won first place in Games - Other.

Arrietty won first place in Other Western with our Western Dressage set up.
Ruth's Night Fury and my Arrietty were neck and neck.  Western Pleasure was split up Stock Type and Other Type.  Arrietty won first place in the Other Type class, while Ruth won the blue in the Stock Type class with a different horse.
Another blue for Arrietty in Western Pleasure.

At the end of the Western division, the results were close but Arrietty took the champ honors.
Three blues and three reds earned Arrietty the OF Western Performance Champion.

Ruth's Night Fury was close behind with three blues and two reds, and earned the OF Western Performance Reserve Champ.

This is when things started to get tricky!  Mini English Performance had just started, and now I had horses running in all three rings.  All Glory had to get tacked up for the CM/AR Western division, and Arrietty had to get tacked up for the OF English division.  I decided to go ahead and show Arrietty without a doll since I didn't need the extra hassle at the moment.

Arrietty didn't need a doll though, and powered through the English division.

While she is best suited as a Hunter, there were three separate Over Fences classes for Jumper, Hunter, and Cross Country, so with some carefully researched documentation, Arrietty competed in all three.
First place in the Jumper class.

First place in the Hunter class.

Arrietty proves that a good low level cross country entry can win!

Arrietty continued her winning streak in the rest of the English classes...
In retrospect, I think I would place that leading hoof inside the box next time, but Arrietty still won first in Indoor Trail.

Another first place with a competitive trail riding entry for Outdoor Trail.

First place in Dressage - more proof that a correct low level entry can be competitive against higher level entries.

First place in Other English with a games entry.

And First place in English Pleasure.

At the end of the division, Arrietty was the clear champion.
Arrietty - OF English Performance Champion

Having won all three OF division champs, Arrietty was awarded the OF Overall Performance Grand Championship.  The prize was this NIB Topsails Reinmaker.
Arrietty - OF Overall Performance Grand Champion

Last but not least, I'll post about the Mini Performance division in my next post!

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