Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Mid Kansas Live All Performance - CM/AR Division

Mid Kansas Live All Performance show report, continued from Part 1...

The CM/AR Division started out the day with English Performance, which happens to be my favorite.

All Glory was tacked and ready to go, and I was feeling confident and prepared.  Despite only  having a couple of weeks to get ready for the show, most of my preparation had already been accomplished beforehand for the Mid Ark show, so I only had a handful of classes that I had needed to create or update documentation for, and most of my props and such were also complete and ready as well.

Morgen Kilbourn's "Hazel" resin is a wonderfully versatile model.. however to get her into every class sometimes takes some creativity since she is going at a full gallop.  I managed to plan entries for her in every English and Western class offered regardless, and my thorough research and documentation set her ahead of the competition.

The first class was Jumpers.
Glory won first place!

Next up was Cross Country.  Originally it was supposed to be Hunters, but I convinced the judge to switch the order so I wouldn't have to take off Glory's boots and then put them back on again.  I also opted to gently put on a pinny that was from a Breyer doll rather than the nice Cross Country safety vest and pinny that Anne Field made to go with this doll - that way I could save time by not having to take her off and put her back on again.
Another blue ribbon for Glory.

My set ups were simple, but if I do say so myself, correct and well documented.  I was one of the only exhibitors really using documentation and explanation cards for my entries, and I got many compliments, especially from the judge, on the information I provided (and the format it was in).

The Hunter Over Fences class was next.  This one I had to get creative with because Glory/"Hazel" is not a typical refined hunter...
First place in the Hunter class!
Luckily my documentation did the trick.  I referenced a real beginner hunter over fences division from the local Arkansas Hunter Jumper Association as well as citing their rules, complete with photos from local shows, of the casual turnout of horses and riders.  While "Hazel" is supposed to be going at a gallop, she also looks like a horse who is hopping over a low obstacle.  The judge seemed to agree!

The division continued with Indoor Trail...
This IS actually a trail entry, not a hunter or jumper entry.
and Outdoor Trail...
Documentation was provided for how Glory was competing in an actual competitive event, not just "galloping along on the trail", which I think helped set my entry ahead of the competition.

And Dressage, another event that required a lot of research to find a fit for Glory since she's not a typical Dressage horse either.
The judge actually is a Dressage trainer, so winning first place in this class was especially validating.
Other English and English Pleasure wrapped up the division.  By the end, Glory had galloped away with all of the first place ribbons and was the clear winner of the CM/AR English Performance Championship.
All Glory - CM/AR English Performance Champion

The Other Performance Division was next, and I was able to relax slightly since Glory would only be competing in three of the ten classes, especially since I got to leisurely change tack over lunch.

Glory won first with this parade set up.

My other two entries in the division were not nearly as fantastic as some of the competitions', but Glory managed two second place ribbons and finished the division with the Reserve Champ honors.
All Glory - CM/AR Other Performance Champion

The CM/AR Western Performance division started just as the OF and Mini English Divisions were starting, so suddenly I was competing in three rings and had two tack changes to do on the fly.  That was not fun at all, but I was able to get Glory tacked up and into her first class, although without her rider.
Glory won first place in the Western Trail - Indoor class.

She continued to go riderless in the next class until things had not only calmed down...
Not having a rider didn't stop Glory from winning first place in the Western Trail - Outdoor class either.
but until it because absolutely necessary to have one since someone needed to hold the lariat in my breakaway roping entry.
The rider doll was lent to me by my friend Sheila Bishop.  Thanks again, Sheila!

Although Western is not my strong point, thorough research and documentation once again set me ahead in this division.  While I think I still have some improvements to make on my Western entries, Glory won first and second places again and again.
Glory in the Other Stockwork class.

By the end of the division, Glory had a nice collection of ribbons which earned her the CM/AR Western Performance Championship.
All Glory - CM/AR Western Performance Champion

Glory's end-of-the-day total was very impressive, and she was the clear winner of the CM/AR Overall Performance Grand Championship!  Instead of a rosette, the prize was a NIB Poker Joe model.  This was the first time I'd ever won a model as a prize, and it was pretty cool.  :)
All Glory - CM/AR Overall Performance Grand Champion

Next up, the OF division!


  1. Very cool and it's neat to see all the pictures and hear how important documentation is. I love how the same horse can be used in so many setups, it must be fun putting those together. :-)

  2. Wow! This is so impressive! Go Glory! (: