Monday, November 24, 2014

Mid Kansas Live All Performance

Despite originally saying that the Mid Ark Model Horse Expo would be my last show of 2014, I managed to convince my husband to let me attend just one more show before the year's end.  I had been eyeing the Mid Kansas Live All Performance show for a little while, as I was quite impressed with the class list, but I wasn't sure if the 7+ hour drive would be a possibility.  But especially after my successful day at the Mid Ark show, I really wanted one more chance to show All Glory and Arrietty before we go to A Midwinter's Night Ball in January.  Luckily, I talked Robert into letting me go to Kansas about two weeks beforehand, and we started making plans!

Mid Kansas Live is actually part of the Sunflower Model Horse Club.  They have some sort of model horse get together every month, whether it's a NAN qualifying show, a fun show, a playday, or a party.  They are lucky enough to have access to a cozy facility that allows them to have a small but fun group of local (and sometimes not-so-local) showers.  The shows are usually based on a theme or specialty, and this show was All Performance.  It really was a performance junkie's dream, with a full day of English, Western, and Other performance classes separated into three divisions for Original Finish, Customs/Artist Resins, and Minis.

Robert got off work Friday a little after 5pm, and then came home for a quick dinner before we hit the road.  It was yucky and rainy, but I had the car packed and ready, and we trudged through traffic, rain, and fog for the rest of the night, arriving in Rose Hill, Kansas at around 2:30am.  Sleeping that night was more like a nap, as we got up bright and early at 6am to head to the show hall at 7am.

Although the show hall opened at 7am, the show didn't start until 9am, so I had plenty of time to unpack and get set up before the first classes would start.  All three divisions would be running concurrently in separate rings, but the official host, Cassie Black, would be judging them all.  I brought three horses, one for each division - plus Lil Buckaroo for good luck.
All Glory would be competing in the CM/AR Division (all sections), Arrietty in the OF Division (all sections), and Naughty By Nature in the Mini Division (English only).

The CM/AR division started out with English, while both the OF and Mini divisions started with Other Performance.  This meant a pretty laid back morning for me since I didn't have anything going on in the Mini ring and Arrietty was only in four classes in the OF Other division.  That meant I was able to put a lot of focus on Glory's English entries.

Glory tacked up and ready for her first class.
Her saddle is by Cristina Brown of CK Tiny Tack; her bridle, saddle pads, and (not pictured) bell boots are by Jana Skybova of Tack By Jana; the sport boots are by Corinne Ensor of Shoebox Saddlery; and the doll is by Anne Field of Field of Dolls Studio.

And focus I did...

More in tomorrow's post!

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  1. How cool that they have activities every month! It would be neat to be in an area with that much of a model horse community. I had thought about going to this one, but I still have zero performance entries, so... haha. I think I had seen that they do Mini shows too, or at least Mini divisions. That would be neat since I'm so into the wee ones. :-)