Saturday, February 7, 2015

BCS Winter Photo Challenge

My friend Jennifer decided to host a fun photo challenge, and I couldn't resist the urge to enter with all Performance-themed entries!  

So, here's my take on the BCS Winter Photo Challenge:

1. Vintage
A little vintage performance with a vintage custom!
This is Joker's Double Dice in a Western Arena Trail set up back in the late 90's.

2. Nekkid
Sometimes even Performance entries can be nekkid!
Tackless performance entries are sometimes a gamble on how well they will place compared to what else is on the table, but I still have fun showing tackless entries (such as this agility set up) and have even earned a few NAN cards with them.

3. Scale issues
You haven't had real scale ISSUES until you've given Mini Performance showing a try!

4. I see spots
A number of my Performance horses over the years have been pinto-spotted!
Top row L-R: Jumanji, Naughty By Nature, and Epiphany
Bottom row L-R: Kiss Me Kate, Rumor Has It, and Ruby Slippers

5. Unbridled passion
Performance is my passion, and sometimes it's even an unbridled passion!
When I first got back into showing in mid-2013, I wanted to enter my new Hazel resin, Ruby Slippers, into as many classes as possible, but didn't have a bridle that fit her that was appropriate for traditional Reining.  My solution?  A Freestyle Bridleless Reining entry - Ruby managed to earn a NAN card at our first show with the set up!

6. Rare breed
I think it can be argued that Performance Junkies are a rare breed.  I mean, even among other hobbyists, we're sometimes considered a little crazy for all the money we pour into tack and props, the hours we spend researching and creating documentation, and the insanity we put ourselves through with all those teeny tiny itty bitty little buckles!

7. Portrait
A little known fact about my rider dolls... all of the dolls I have had commissioned are meant to be portraits of me.  I always ask Ann to make them with brown hair and brown eyes just like I have.  I've never had much of a successful show career riding real horses, but my mini me dolls have ridden plenty of champions!

8. Conga 
My largest conga is my Stone Palouse Conga which has nearly fifty members now.
Part of what I love about Palouse so much is what a great model she is for Performance.  Despite how many Palouses make up my conga, only three have ever seen the inside of a Performance ring.

9. The great outdoors
Sometimes the goal with a Performance set up is to bring the great outdoors inside and in miniature!
I don't think I've quite mastered making realistic dioramas yet, but I had a lot of fun creating this one, which features a land area leading up to a shallow waterbed and has served me well for cross country, natural trail, drag hunting (as seen there), and hunter pace entries.

10. Best in show
Arrietty has been my best shower in the last year since I've really gotten back into showing.
Here she is winning Overall OF Performance Champ at our last show, A MidWinter's Night Ball.

I hope you enjoyed my entries as much as I've enjoyed seeing everyone else's!  Thanks so much, Jennifer, for hosting this contest and sharing so many wonderful photos from hobbyists all around the world!