Saturday, November 15, 2014

Spreading the Performance Love

I may have been quiet on this blog lately, but I've been having a lot of fun over on Instagram.

My Instagram profile as of today.

Part of that fun has been that starting in September (inspired in part because of my July-August challenge of asking others to participate in acts of kindness in memory of my daughter, Kieryn) I started hosting monthly giveaways on my Instagram account.    So far prizes have included an OF Breyer "Frosty" and an unpainted Maggie Bennett "Artan" micro mini resin.  My current giveaway is performance related and a little more complicated than the previous ones because it's not just a random drawing.

The "grand" prize for this giveaway is an English saddle set by Lisa Merrill of Painted Daisy Studio, and the purpose of having a contest like this is for one novice performance shower to win a set that they can use for all the performance showing ideas they've dreamed about.  So I'm asking the entrants to tell and show me why they want to win, what sort of showing experience they have, what performance set up ideas they have, what they would actually use the set for if they won it, etc.

There will of course be a lot of entrants who won't actually win the set, but I hope I will help all of them start thinking more seriously about performance showing and inspire them to come up with ideas for potential set ups they would try in the future.

I realize that performance showing can be an expensive aspect of an already expensive hobby, but if someone is really motivated to participate, I hope they will find a way - be it my giveaway or other means.


  1. I'm not on Instragram and have no idea how it works... but I love to hear that you do giveaways. I'm a big believer in acts on kindness, the world certainly could use more of that!

    1. Thanks! I'm a big believer in acts of kindness too. Maybe giving away model horse related things isn't as noble as other acts of kindness, but I hope it still manages to bring joy to some people. :)