Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Mid Kansas Live All Performance - Mini Division

Last but not least, the Mid Kansas Live All Performance show Mini division!

Continuing on from part 3 of my show report...

The Mid Kansas Live All Performance show didn't leave mini fans disappointed.  There was a full performance division just for the tiny athletes, although OF, CM, and AR minis all showed together.  I don't show mini performance very often anymore, since I prefer to only show my minis in performance when they have their own division, and that doesn't happen very often at shows.  So I was excited that Mid Kansas did offer a separate division for the littler guys.  Since I don't show minis often, I only have one Stablemate ready to show who is tacked up and has documentation for his entries - my English horse, Naughty By Nature.

Naughty By Nature is an etchie of the SM G2 Warmblood that I etched myself (and added shoes!) sometime back around 2007 or so.  I know I started showing him in 2007 anyway.

The thing with mini performance horses is, once I tack them up, they stay tacked up forever.  I learned early on with mini tack that I didn't have the patience to tack and re-tack such tiny horses.  So unlike his larger barn mates who show in multiple divisions, Naughty By Nature only competes in English.

I toyed around with tacking up a Western mini performance horse as well and getting entries ready in time for the show, but sadly I ran out of time.  So Naughty By Nature was the only mini horse I showed at Mid Kansas, and therefore English was the only mini performance division I entered.

The Mini Performance Division ran in the same order as the OF Performance Division, so Other Performance was first, Western was next, and English was last - which meant I had nothing in the mini ring for most of the day.  By the time the Mini English Division started, it was crunch time!

Luckily, Naughty By Nature started off strong.
Naughty By Nature won first in the Jumper class.
Again, I asked the judge if we could swap the Hunter class with the Cross Country class, since I didn't want to have to tack his little boots off and then put them on again.  Luckily she agreed, and Naughty took first in both of those classes as well.

Naughty By Nature won first in the Cross Country class.

And another first in the Hunter class.

Naughty scored another blue ribbon in the Indoor Trail class, but only a third place in Outdoor Trail (which I didn't get a picture of unfortunately.)
Blue for Indoor Trail.

He came back with another first place win in the Dressage class though, even though the time crunch made me leave out his arena base.
Naughty with his first place in Dressage, and documentation that is WAY bigger than he is.
We finished up the division with a fourth place in Other English with a games entry and second place in English Pleasure - not too shabby!
Naughty was bested by some pretty cool Other English entries.

He finished out with second place in Pleasure.  He is probably in need of  an updated tack set one of these days.

All the hard work earned us the Mini English Division Championship!
Naughty By Nature - Mini English Performance Champion

It was a close call for overall...

Naughty By Nature was awarded Mini Performance Overall Reserve Grand Champion.
Naughty By Nature - Mini Performance Overall Reserve Grand Champ

And that finally concludes my show report!  It was a long drive to Kansas, but the show was a blast and the trip was well worth it!

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