Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014: Year In Review

2014 is coming to a close, so it's time to look back at the year in review!

At the end of 2013, I did a year in review post.  2013 was a pretty good year for me as it was my first year back in the hobby after a long break.  But, I predicted that 2014 would be an even better year - and I think I was right!

While I only managed to go to two shows in 2013, I went to seven (or eight, since one was a double show) in 2014:
A MidWinter's Night Ball in Georgetown, TX on January 18-19th
Tornado Alley/Hog Wild (double show) in Tulsa, OK on April 26th
Big Orange Bash in Knoxville, TN on June 7th
The BYO All Performance Show in Sanger, TX on June 14th
Hooftoberfest (All CM/AR/CMG Halter) in Irving, TX on September 20th
Mid Ark Model Horse Expo in Greenbrier, AR on November 1st
and Mid Kansas Live All Performance Show in Rose Hill, KS on November 22nd.

I had six Performance Reserve Champions, thirteen Performance Champions, four Overall Performance Reserve Grand Champions, and four Overall Performance Grand Champions!

Some highlights:

Arrietty - OF Overall Performance Reserve Grand Champion - A MidWinter's Night Ball (1/19)
Pennyroyal - Other Performance Reserve Champion - Tornado Alley & Hog Wild (4/26)
Rumor Has It - CM/AR Western Performance Reserve Champion - Big Orange Bash (6/7)
Naughty By Nature - CM/AR Overall Performance Grand Champion - Big Orange Bash (6/7)
Castiel - English Performance Champion and Overall Reserve Grand Champion - The BYO (6/14)
Arrietty - OF Overall Performance Reserve Grand Champion - Mid Ark (11/1) 
All Glory - CM/AR Overall Performance Grand Champion - Mid Ark (11/1)

Naughty By Nature - Mini Performance Overall Reserve Grand Champion - Mid Kansas Live (11/22)
Arrietty - OF Performance Overall Grand Champion - Mid Kansas Live (11/22)

All Glory - CM/AR Performance Overall Grand Champion - Mid Kansas Live (11/22)

In 2014, I also added a few horses to my collection that I was very excited about.

Ella Mae - "Elsie" resin sculpted by Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig and painted by Katie Langford
Romanesque - "Valentino" resin sculpted by  Brigitte Eberl and painted by Thomas Bainbridge (photo by Melanie Miller)
Goodness Gracious - "Hickory" resin sculpted and painted by Sheila Bishop (photo by Sheila Bishop)
Adventure Time - "Murdock" resin sculpted by Rayvin Brewer and painted by Amanda Brock (photo by Amanda Brock)
Blank "Hazel" resin sculpted by Morgen Kilbourn - to be painted as a portrait of my real horse, Bunny

On the personal life front, 2014 was a pretty good year as well.

Robert and I got engaged, and then married!
October 18, 2014
And I moved my horse, Bunny, to a new barn that is much closer to home - and we're very happy there!
In the trailer on our way to Applewood Farm!

This also was a great year for hobby friendships.  I think I've finally found my niche in the hobby, and have made some friends who are not just HOBBY friends, but are FRIEND friends.  :)

Hanging out with Jennifer during her drive through Arkansas.  (Sorry I don't have more pictures with other friends - maybe that should be a resolution for 2015?)

So, in review - 2014 has been a GREAT year for so many reasons.  But I'm looking forward to 2015 because I feel like things can only get even better.

Thank you for reading and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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