Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 Hobby Goals

Happy New Year!  

I've been thinking lately about my hobby goals are for this year, so this is what I've come up with so far that I'd like to accomplish in 2015:

  • Get my collection cataloged, photographed, and organized
I spend a lot of 2013 and 2014 getting my collection out of storage boxes and set up on display in my office/pony room/craft space.  But this year I'd like to get things better organized and documented.
one organization project in the works...

  • Name a bunch of unnamed horses
I'm terrible at naming horses!  Probably because I always want to find the "BEST" name for them, so it's not something I take lightly.  But I think I need to just bite the bullet and name all of the horses that have been sitting around nameless for way too long.
This is more common that I'd like to admit.

  • Get more of my unpainted resins painted
This is always a tricky thing, because like naming, I'm very indecisive about picking colors.  I also have a problem of putting off spending money for painting commissions in favor of paying for new unpainted resins.  Oops.
My unpainted collection of Seunta horses alone is a little daunting...

  • Continue to improve and expand my performance showing/entries
I still see room for improvement in my performance set ups, and I hope to continue to strive to be a better shower in the future.
There was definite improvement over the year, but there's still room for more.

  • Hopefully knock a few wanted models off my to-buy list
Such is the nature of being a collector, right?  ;)
A "Vincenzo" resin owned by my friend Debbie Nickrent - I wouldn't mind adding one of this sculpt to my collection.

  • Be better about blogging regularly
I think even if I write shorter posts, more frequently - that would be better than longer posts, less frequently.
It'd be nice to get those "pageviews" and "followers" numbers up a little higher.

  • Make more of my own props
I take pride in putting myself into my performance set ups, so I would like to make more of my own props and improve on some designs I tried this past year.
This base served me well in 2014, but I'd like to try to make more things and better things.

  • Try some new creative endeavors
I would like to give a few things a try, especially making some tack items.  And maybe even customizing horses again.
I have some kits from Rio Rondo that I'd like to give a try at least.

  • Organize some hobby-related activities in my area
Going to the Mid Kansas Live All Performance show really inspired me to try to have some local get-togethers for my fellow Arkansan collectors.  The Sunflower Model Horse Club in Kansas has other activities besides several NAN qualifying shows every year including craft days, a holiday party, and fun shows.  I think something similar would be a lot of fun to have locally. 

I don't know if I'll be able to attend as many shows in 2015 as I did in 2014, so my goals are more about work behind the scenes than in the show ring this year.  But, we'll see what 2015 has in store for me.  :)

What are your hobby goals for 2015?


  1. Good list!

    I can help you with one of your goals--I just added a link to your blog to the sidebar of mine. That should get you a little more traffic.


  2. Great list and thanks for sharing! This is a good idea. I'm going to give it some thought and maybe even make a post along the same lines. I've heard that goals should be specific, have a deadline, and be written down. I'm often not quite so "on it" when it comes to goal setting. I'd like to work on all of that.

    For now I'll say that this year I want to: finish a LOT more custom horses, build my saddle kit too - just really get going on trying tack making in general. I want to work on some performance set up ideas. Hopefully attend a few live shows before our possible big move. I want to donate items to a bunch of shows too, I've always had fun doing that. Oh and do more Studio giveaways, that was fun. I love what you had said about the Kansas group having so many shows and get-togethers. That would be neat to try and organize.

    Our mid-year move kind of makes all of this complicated, but I'm going to try and get as much done before we go, and then hopefully I can still stay involved with the hobby from a distance once we get there... If the whole thing happens - it's kind of up in the air. That makes planning hard too.

    Thanks for the ideas!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it and that maybe it helped inspire you! I appreciate what you said about goals needing to be specific and have a deadline, although I think for me it's a little easier for things to be a little more up in the air. But maybe as I focus on specific projects, that should be something to keep in mind!

      I hope you're able to accomplish your goals as well, and that the possible move doesn't get in the way.