Thursday, June 25, 2015

The BYO 2015 - Other Performance

When I left off, I was explaining just what The BYO is, and sharing my longhorn photography story.  So without further ado, let's jump right back into the show report, shall we?

The BYO starts off the day with Other Performance.  This is good for me, since I rarely have a lot of horses showing in the Other Performance Division, so it gives me plenty of time to get set up at my table and finish tacking and adjusting horses for the later divisions.  It also gave me time to socialize, and take pictures of everyone else's Other Performance entries.

Native American Costume entry owned by Val Tudor.

Parade entry owned by Chloe Hinton.

Other Costume entry owned by Christie Partee.

This year, I had one horse showing in the Other Performance Division - Goodness Gracious, or Grace for short, my Artist Choice "Hickory" resin sculpted and painted by my friend Sheila Bishop.

My goal for this year's BYO was not to do any tack changes.  So, Grace would be showing in the Halter Showmanship class, and then I decided that with the same halter and handler, she could also show in Other Competition with an In-Hand Trail set up.  Sue disagreed however, and as I was setting up my entry for Other Competition, she told me she'd rather it go in the Western Trail class, since despite being a tackless entry, the halter was a stock-style halter and the handler was outfitted in Western style attire.

So, Grace only got to show in one class at the BYO this year, Halter Showmanship, but at least she came away with first place and a NAN card.  :)
Goodness Gracious, first place in the Halter Showmanship class.

Two of Christie's horses wound up winning the Other Performance Division Champ and Reserve, and then we were on to English!

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  1. That Native American Costume entry is stunning; I absolutely love the rider. Was that one at the Kansas Performance show too? I thought sure I'd seen pictures of it before... taken by you...?

    Grace is gorgeous - congratulations! :)